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The GBC is safely moving Black families from Kherson, Ukraine to Switzerland, France and Canada

The Global Black Coalition is working directly with families we helped escape Kherson, Ukraine to relocate them into safer countries. While some asked to move to Canada, others asked to move to France and Switzerland. We are happy to inform you that we have successfully planned and executed the exit of 4 Black families from Kherson, Ukraine as well as their relocation to Switzerland and France. We are actively working on the relocation of families to Canada.

Today, families like the family of Andre Morel have found a safe place to call home in Switzerland. In fact his young son recently joined a local soccer team! With his wife being from Ukraine, things were a bit easier for Andre and his family.

The Global Black Coalition is happy that he can finally move forward with his family.

It is our hope that many other families will be granted the same opportunity and Chance. We will continue to advocate and work very hard towards this.

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