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The situation in Ukraine is alarming. No human should ever have to fear for their lives. War should never be an option!


Amid this horror, many Black people face racism in Ukraine, at the borders trying to escape. Many members of the Black community are denied access to trains, buses and even just the possibility of crossing the border. We see Black mothers and babies, children, youth, international students, men pushed and denied safety.

Furthermore, some of our community members who cross the border to neighboring countries or European countries face a lot of racism and resistance. 


Many reports show that while Neighboring countries welcome Ukrainian refugees, Africans have been turned back.


We are helping Black people in Ukraine trying to escape this horror.

We are joining forces with community members in Ukraine including Vukile Dlamini, a young Black woman heavily affected by this:


Members of this Black coalition have been travelling to the bordering countries to help bring our people home and ensure that this process is done smoothly. 

Currently we have offices and team members in Poland, Hungary, Romania, France, Switzerland, Germany, Canada, the USA ready to welcome and support community members.

The Global Black Coalition does not give cash funds. Although we did in the past for rescue efforts and emergency situation, we work directly with on ground Coalition members and organizations who provide essential services and provide resources to community members. The coalition members and organizations have signed an MOU and our terms of reference.


Medical needs

Our organization has been supporting community members with urgent medical needs as well as medical tests fees to apply for visas in some countries. Should you need assistance with medical fees, please click on the button below:


Please help us continue this important work. 

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