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The Global Black Coalition is calling on all employers and business owners to help Black people fleeing the war in Ukraine secure a job.

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, many Black people have faced racism, incredible challenges and rejection in multiple European countries in which they ran for safety. Till this day many Black people fleeing the war in Ukraine are facing differential treatment and are denied equal access to safety. They are mothers, babies, children, youth (thousands of international students), men and gender diverse people.

On March 4, 2023 countries like the Netherlands will start the mass deportation of community members fleeing the war in Ukraine. Many students and third country nationals have been denied the right to pursue their studies as well as the opportunity to start over their lives.

They need to secure a job elsewhere. Our organization will help them with immigration processes. They can go through an interview process and screening process.

Even if you don't have any job to offer them, if you know anyone or any company who can hire them, please share it with our organization via email: with the subject: Job opportunity

We have travelled and worked in bordering countries of Ukraine and across Europe for almost a year with a small but mighty team of dedicated people. Together, we have been able to rescue and support over 2000 community members thus far.

Since last year, our team done our best to help our people and relocate them. We have been able to bring some families and even students to Canada. Right now, we have over 200 community members on our list actively looking for jobs abroad.

We are hoping that with your help, during this Black history month, we will help many more people secure jobs and get a second chance at life.

If you are able to help, please send an email to

If you are a community member looking for a job, please email:

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