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The GBC is partnering with GEM to make universities applications easier for BIPOC students

Our coalition is happy to partner with the Global Empowerment Network to make university applications much easier for BIPOC students fleeing the war in Ukraine. Over the past week alone, our team has met with over 400 students and received hundreds of applications requests for universities.

We understand the importance of enrolling in new universities as soon as possible. Many students are now in very difficult positions as their visas are expiring in various European countries.

Our goal is to make things easier for each one of the students by filling out one application form, uploading all your documents which will then be forwarded by our teams at the GBC and GEM to multiple universities to give you folks a greater chance at integrating a university in a timely manner.

The Global Black Coalition and the Global Empowerment Mission will organize multiple online sessions to give you more information.

Please stay connected to our Instagram page to obtain the link : @globalblackcoalition

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