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Students want to be students; not refugees seeking asylum: The GBC is continuing to advocate

Updated: May 1, 2022

Since the beginning of the war, the Global Black Coalition has been assisting over 500 students up to date; BIPOC students from various countries, with whom our team has met and consistently assisted in applying to universities across the world. Many of these students have expressed a strong desire to pursue their studies in the field that they were previously studying. Our team has, and is continuing to do our best to honor their wish.

While there are many community members who are not students, who have requested to be welcomed as refugees, students just want to be students and be given an equal opportunity to pursue and finish their studies in Europe and across the world. That being said, it’s important to respect the will of community members who do not feel safe to go back to their country.

All of the 500 + students that we are supporting have expressed that they do not desire to be sent back to their country. For many of them, this will be a complete waste of time and a set back. This is why our coalition has been and will continue to be committed to assist all of them in finding a university that respects and accepts their credentials.

We have also strongly advocated to governments in various European and North American countries to demand that they accelerate the immigration processes to welcome international students fleeing the war in Ukraine.

For that, we have teamed up with universities and partners to develop a one shop stop form on our website which is sent to over 30 universities across the world , some of which we have developed a partnership with. When students fill out this form, we send it to over 30 universities that we have been in contact with which ups their chances of getting accepted. The form can be found on this page:

For more information on our support for international Students fleeing the war in Ukraine, please contact

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sharon Hart
sharon Hart
20 मई 2022

Absolutely agree, yes. I’m so grateful to God for this coalition I really do believe it’s only by His grace this can even happen successfully it is so much needed in this world and right now. You are also an inspiration to us, and an encouragement to us, as we see real hope in these actions of yours, true comfort and real help. I am hoping and praying that here in the UK much more can be done for marginalised people in our British society… I am sincerely praying in seeking God about it. Gos bless you guys everyone xxx

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