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Relocating more families: A new journey begins

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

The month of August was quite a challenging month for many community members.

Indeed, many people were threatened with deportation in France, Germany and even in Portugal.

Our GBC team assisted a total of 61 people in the month of August with relocation.

Many community members residing in Munster, Germany were threatened with deportation.

Our teams in both Berlin and Munich welcomed many of them and assisted them with paperwork, food and accommodation.

Still today, many families live with the unbearable fear of being separated. In Portugal, we have met single mothers who have begged us for help as their children were granted the right to stay in the country while this right was denied to them. Same in Poland and Germany where we are currently working with fathers and mothers whose rights to remain in the country have been denied while their children and spouse were accepted.

In August, more families and students started making their way to Canada with the support of the Global Black Coalition. Our teams on the ground are welcoming families and students and providing groceries for them as well.

Additionally, we are in the process of evacuating 4 families from Kiev and Odessa, Ukraine.

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