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Protecting Black women and children: A Global Black Coalition priority

Nana is one of the many Black women and mothers who shared her story of differential treatment while trying to escape the war in Ukraine and while trying to relocate to another country in Europe.

Many Black women and children and children have suffered while trying to escape the war in Ukraine. Since the beginning of the war, the Global Black Coalition is assisting and supporting families, mothers, babies and children; many of whom have shared stories and videos of the racism and differential treatment that they have faced.

Our team is currently preparing for a high level meeting at the United Nations where we will share our preliminary report on the violence and racism that Black women and children have faced and are still facing.

A second report will be sharing our researchers findings regarding the racism faced by African students fleeing the war in Ukraine.

While we give our findings to the United Nations and file an official complaint, we continue to advocate for equal rights and an equal treatment for all visible minorities fleeing this war. They are all fleeing the same war!

We also continue our work to ensure that community members have access to essential resources and services. Although our resources are limited, we will continue to do our part and our best to assist as many people as possible.

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