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Preparing to welcome our first families in Ottawa, Canada.

All weekend, our GBC team in Canada has been busy with volunteers preparing a home for the first family that we rescued from Kherson, Ukraine.

After 3 months, they finally obtained their visas to come to Canada last Thursday. The team worked very hard and obtained a beautiful spacious home which has been completely paid off for a year thanks to our supporters at Google!

This home is part of Equal Chance’s and the Hera Mission’s housing program for vulnerable visible minorities. In the upcoming weeks both Equal Chance and the Hera Mission will meet with the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation to continue to provide housing to members of the community who need it most.

In a few hours, members of our GBC Team in Canada will welcome them in Montreal and make their way to their forever home in Ottawa to begin a new chapter!

This is an emotional moment for our Coalition! In the next weeks we will be welcoming 10 more families and close to 100 students.

We will continue to keep you informed.

Thank you to all the people and companies who are continuously supporting our work and allowing us to have great results!

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