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We understand the pressing need of having access to technology, including laptops and the internet during these difficult times. With the support of Sky's The Limit, our Coalition has been able to provide some laptops to students.

Understanding and seeing the growing need of laptops, we will re-launch our laptop program. We currently have a wait list for laptop. If you have not filled out our form yet and are interested in obtaining a laptop, please fill out our community resource form for laptops via this link:

Please do not fill out the form if you already filled it out. Please do not fill out the form if you already have a laptop. There are many people who need these laptops to communicate with their family members, fill out government forms and apply for school and jobs.

We count on you!

Please note that there is currently a wait list.

Our coalition members in Poland, Hungary, Romania, France, Switzerland, Germany and the Netherlands will distribute some of these laptops directly to folks who are in these countries and have applied for laptops.

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