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Important information on the University of Toronto: Information for Foreign Students fleeing the war

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

Our coalition member, Professor Lilia Topouzova at the University of Toronto Scarborough has been doing a phenomenal job since the beginning of the war. She has been working very hard within her university to ensure that Black students fleeing the war in Ukraine can apply to the University of Toronto.

We would like to sincerely thank Professor William Nelson at the University of Toronto Scarborough and Vice President and Principal, Wisdom Tettey.

Some positions for undergraduate students are available at the University of Toronto Scarborough. A relevant program for financial assistance also exists and the criteria are being revised in a way that should make foreign students fleeing Ukraine eligible. Please see the information below to find out more about applying to the University of Toronto Scarborough and 20 other universities in the Canadian province of Ontario. There is also some information about maritime studies and future expansion in medical education in Ontario.

Admission to the University of Toronto Scarborough: One of the schools that still has some positions available for undergraduate students is the University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC, which is one of the three campuses of the University of Toronto). General information and programs of study at UTSC can be found on its website Students can apply to be admitted for enrolment in the fall of 2022 using the OUAC website.

In some exceptional cases, it may be possible to be admitted and enroll in courses in the summer of 2022. Gaining admission is the first step. If you are admitted, you can be in touch with administrators who may be able to help you enroll in courses for the summer of 2022. Feedback from administrators indicates that admissions spaces will open in undergraduate social sciences and humanities and physical and environmental sciences until the mid-summer. Business and life sciences will only have space until late April or early May month. Computer science will not be admitting students at this point. Financial assistance through the Students and Scholars at Risk Program at the University of Toronto: Once admitted to the University of Toronto, students can apply to this program for a $10,000 award. The criteria for eligibility is currently being revised. Private messages from administrators indicate that “the anticipated changes to the [Students and] Scholars at Risk (SAR) criteria is to expand it so that one does not need to have refugee status to apply.” The new criteria will be similar these, which state that to anyone can apply: • who is, or has been within the last 5 years, an asylum/refugee seeker anywhere in the world (regardless of status in Canada); OR • whose current or proposed program of study has been impacted by changing political environments in their country of current or future study, including changes in immigration law Once admitted as a student, you can apply here.

There are other programs for financial assistance that student’s may also qualify for once admitted. Applying to study as an undergraduate at the other 20 universities in Ontario: The website Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC) allows you to apply to a number of universities in the Canadian province of Ontario.

Most of the schools have already begun reviewing undergraduate applications and admitting students, but some spots for fall enrollment remain and you can still apply. Check the website for information on specific schools. See the category “Undergrad (105) (International or Canadian Applicants Not Currently Attending an Ontario High School)” Maritime Studies: Students interested in continuing their maritime studies may want to look at the program at the Centre for Maritime Research and Training at Georgian College located in several sites in Ontario.

This website lists two maritime programs on the Great Lakes in Canada and also 8 additional schools that offer maritime training in Canada.

Medical Education: Medical school in Ontario are no longer accepting applications for enrollment in Fall 2022. However, many more spots for students will be opening up in the next few years since the government of Ontario is expanding medical education and founding 6 new medical schools. The school at the University of Toronto Scarborough will train postgraduate students to be physicians, nurse practitioners, physician’s assistants, and physical therapists. The school will also teach undergraduate students in the life sciences. Student enrollment will be in phases beginning in 2025.

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