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Great news for African students in Ukraine: The GBC obtained a positive response from UOttawa

We have some great news from international students who desire to transfer to Canada. Yesterday, Professor Bulu Ebanda De Beri, first Special Advisor on Anti-Racism and Inclusive Excellence and Director Corrie Scott met with students who are currently trapped in Kherson, as well as African students who were able to flee in neighboring countries to inform them that the university of Ottawa is currently taking measures to facilitate their enrolment in various programs. This was such a huge relief for many of them!

Additionally, Her Excellency Vivianne Bampassy, Ambassador of Senegal in Canada, official representative of His Excellency Macky Sall, President of Senegal and the African Union has met with our students trapped in Kherson to ensure them that she and her diplomatic colleagues will do everything in their power to support our coalition’s efforts to safely remove them for Kherson.

Over fifty students are still blocked in Kherson.

They wake up and go to bed under the sounds of bombs.

This has been extremely traumatic for many of them who have expressed that they do not desire at all to return.

Our coalition continues to support them and many members of the community across Europe who fled the war in Ukraine.

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