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From Munster to Munich : The case of many Community members

In August, the Global Black Coalition received urgent messages from community members in Dresden and Munster, Germany. These community members were students as well as women, two children and individuals.

They informed us that their request to stay in these cities were denied by the municipal government and that they were asked to immediately leave or else they would be deported.

Our GBC team coordinated to plan their smooth exit these cities to Munich. Another group was sent to Berlin.

Since the beginning of the war, many community members are being constantly pushed out of European countries. Many community members are constantly threatened with deportation.

They live with fear constantly. The GBC has been providing mental health specialists to help them manage their stress and fears. We are also working hard to develop a good relationship with European governments and municipal governments to allow our community members and other visible minorities to stay in their country while their figure out their future.

This has been very tough for many community members.

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