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From Kherson to Krakow, to their forever home in Geneva, Switzerland: The GBC helps a family move

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

Today in Krakow, Poland, our Coalition able to transfer a family from Kherson, Ukraine into their forever home in Geneva, Switzerland. It was a bittersweet moment for all of us.

We have been supporting this family since the beginning of the war. Our team members at Equal Chance and Society Moko were in contact with the family practically every single day, attempting to find ways to help them safely exit Kherson, Ukraine.

They were finally able to escape during an operation that allowed them to be transferred to Odessa, Ukraine, then Lviv, Ukraine and finally Krakow, Poland.

The family shared the racism that they faced on their way to safety. The Black father, married to white Ukrainian woman shared that while his wife was allowed on the train for free, he was requested to pay for the train ride to get out of Ukraine. He was allegedly told that the "train ride is only free for white Ukrainians" and that he and his son "should pay!"

The same testimonial was shared to our Coalition by many members of the Black community who have attempted to escape Ukraine.

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