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Continuing to support students with university enrollment

Since the beginning of the war, many students are struggling to find universities.

Many transcripts are currently being blocked by Ukrainian universities for various reasons.

Many students who studies in Ukraine have to start everything from scratch, which is quite difficult for students who were in their third and sometimes, last year of medical school.

A lot of students have informed us that they are ready to leave their previous studies behind and start fresh.

In the month of August we held 5 online sessions with a total of 320 participants. Some of these participants went back to their country of origin and are hoping to be back in Europe or North America to pursue their studies.

We followed up on the cases of 32 students who were awaiting for answers from Canadian universities and colleges. We were able to obtain letters of acceptation for 18 students.

One of the students made her way to Fredericton, Canada in August.

Our GBC team will be welcoming more students within the months of September and October.

We continue to actively work to help students pursue their studies.

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