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Black men kept in containers at one of the Borders

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

Members of our coalition in Muenchen who have booked buses to pick up community members in Medyka have informed us that unfortunately several Black men have been maintained in containers!

Many of our coalition members on the ground are traumatized. We have decided to provide mental health specialists as well on the ground to support vulnerable members of our community affected by this war and coalition members who witness these horrors.

Today our teams on the ground helped coordinate 10 buses at the borders between Ukraine, Poland, Romania and Hungary.

We continue to witness differential treatment. Black people for example are only allowed to stay for one night in some shelters, this includes Black mothers and newborn babies. This is unacceptable! This is inhuman! We will work with human rights lawyers to see ways in which we can fight this! In the meantime, our priority is to continue to provide essential resources, safe shelters for them and allow members of our community to cross borders safely.

“Seeing these men in containers broke my spirit. When I asked what was happening, I was violently asked to back off! We need human rights lawyers as soon as possible”

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