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Better days ahead for a group of four very young students in Budapest who fled the war in Ukraine

On Friday April 1, 2022 in Budapest, our team found 4 young students who managed to escape Ukraine with the help of journalist Juliana Oladipo Olayinka and our team member Mike Evariste. Ms. Olayinka called the founder of the GBC, Gwen Madiba with the young students by FaceTime to show her their living conditions. The young community members were crying and asking for support. Our teams made our way to the location where they reside to discover a very poorly maintained place with barely any space and thin mattresses were on the ground.

They could barely talk. They were mentally and physically exhausted. Two of them explained to us that their parents who have now retired, have sacrificed almost everything for their studies in Ukraine. The 19 and 20 year old siblings shared with us that they haven’t been able to speak to their parents about their current living conditions. We were chased out of the building by a manager who threatened to kick them out. We couldn’t let them sleep in these conditions for another night. The youth explained to us that they had not had a real meal since they left Ukraine. We brought them to a local restaurant to have a good meal and moved them to a safer place. We are now actively working to enroll them in another university in Europe or North America.

“We are so grateful for your support! Thank you for putting us in a better place!”

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