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A surreal moment: The Global Black Coalition welcomes African students from Kherson in Poland

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

This moment feels surreal!

Almost a month ago, we met these young brave African brothers online via various platforms. There is not a day that we haven’t spoken to them. Near their last days in Kherson, we heard bombs falling as they rushed to safety in the basement. We prayed together. We hoped together. We had faith together that one day they’ll be out. We strategized together and at the beginning of the week, we did it together!

There are not enough words to express the courage of these young men!

Not once did they lose hope to get out of Kherson!

We promised them that one day we will meet in person, welcome them at whichever border they come out from and give them the biggest hug! That day is today! We hugged! We cried! We smiled! We jumped! We cried again! And in all of this, we realized the power of faith; the power of your mind and understanding that when there’s a will, there’s a way, especially when you are backed by a community of strangers who come together as one to support one another because it’s the right thing to do!

There will never be enough words to express our deepest gratitude to every singe person supporting the work of our coalition!

Today brought them shopping. They left all their belongings behind as they ran for their lives!

We were able to do this thanks to all of you! THANK YOU!

As we continue this journey with them, we ask for your continuous support and prayers. Thank you! Merci beaucoup!

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