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A group of students rescued from Kherson finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel

We are happy to inform you that these young men, whom we first saw on BBC and whom we rescued from Kherson, Ukraine have started their journey to settle in Canada supported by a Canadian lawyer that our coalition was able to provide for them.

Like many students, their transcripts have been blocked by their university in Ukraine, making it very difficult to start fresh elsewhere. We sincerely thank the Canadian institutions that have accepted them despite the fact that some of their transcripts were missing.

Seeing the evolution of their case has truly been a humbling and encouraging experience.

Thanks to our supporters at Global Giving and Google, they will not need to worry once they arrive in Canada as their accommodation and a great part of their school fees are covered.

Our teams look forward to welcoming them and we sincerely thank lawyer Jessica Joseph for her support throughout this long but rewarding journey!

Our team continues to advocate and fight for community members affected by this senseless war.

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