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A bond that will never be broken!

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

Back on March 3, 2022, our team met with a group of incredibly resilient young men from Gabon, Guinée Conakry and Senegal. They were in Kherson Ukraine.

The young men whom video on BBC travelled around the world made the same plea for help to our team. They just wanted to get out of Kherson, Ukraine a city presently occupied by the Russian army.

Sometimes, when we would call them, we could hear bombs dropping and see them running for cover as our hearts paused in fear. They asked us to help them get out of Ukraine and we promised them that we will do everything that we can to protect them and get them out safely. At times, they would call us in tears, completely heartbroken but never defeate

d. We told them that for as long as they are alive and as long as we collectively have hope, they will be our sooner than we think. They then expressed to us the need to be able to pursue their studies. Their big dream is to head to Canada and integrate the University of Ottawa. They had a special request: “Please don’t separate us! We need each other!”

With this in my mind, our team has been doing every thing that we can to respect this will. On March 20, 2022 we helped them escape Kherson, Ukraine in a mission that almost seemed impossible! They made it safely to Odessa, Ukraine, Lviv, Ukraine and then Slovakia. From Slovakia, they headed to Poland where our team member Yuga Buassa welcomed them. From Poland, they left to Germany where our team also welcomed and housed them. They have received financial support to take care of their every day needs. The Global Black Coalition is actively working with Canadian universities and colleges to ensure that their wish be granted. As they currently a

wait a response from Canadian universities, we continue to follow up on their behalf. We will keep you updated.

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