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51 Black students rescued by the Global Black Coalition in Ukraine.

We are happy to inform you that so far, the Global Black Coalition has helped rescue 51 students from two cities that were under the Russian attack, in Sumy, Ukraine and Kherson, Ukraine.

The rescue journey has been a long time coming for many community members who were starting to lose hope but never gave up. We worked closely with many people in both cities who helped us assist the students and families.

We will forever be grateful to every single person who has contributed.

It is now time for the students, families and community members to start their new lives. As we shared with you, many of them are unfortunately stressed because they do not have equal rights to safety in many European and other international countries.

All that our community members desire is equal treatment and an equal right to safety.

All of our community members are refugees like other Ukrainians and should be welcomed with the same compassion and empathy.

We will continue to actively support and accompany our community members on this new journey.

Please continue to support the work of our coalition.

We will keep you updated!

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Apr 19, 2022

Definitely my sister and I want to continue to support. God bless you coalition people x

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