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Our first group of students are heading home

Today 14 student

s were able to board a plane this morning in Romania and finally head home to be reunited with their families. Although the journey to heal from this trauma is very long, we are happy that they are able to go home. Tomorrow 9 more students will join them.

Although this is a victory, thousands of Black students, families, women, men and gender diverse people remain trapped at the borders and in Sumy.

We are currently speaking and working with members of various diplomatic corps and reaching the African Union to demand their intervention to #BringOurPeopleHome and our students blocked in Sumy.

Elizabeth Murimwa, representing the parents of students blocked in Sumy has joined our coalition. She will be traveling and joining our teams at the borders. She has written an open letter to the African Union, the European Union and the United Nations which will be shared here as well.

We will continue to provide essential resources to members of the community at the borders and community members who have crossed the borders.

We will continue to advocate for members of the community to be allowed to cross the borders.

“We look forward to hugging our parents again! My parents were so worried! We are grateful for everything that you all have been doing for us.”
- Vukile Dlamini - International student in Ukraine, Co-Founder of the Global Black Coalition

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